Choose Honesty

Ever told a lie?
Yep, we have all probably done that. Have you ever lied to yourself? This one may be a little tougher to answer but the answer is still probably the same, Yep. But have you ever lied to yourself long and often enough that you now believe that lie is the truth?
Unfortunately, that happens to most of us. If we don’t drill down on the lies we tell ourselves they will become a permanent fixture and have the potential to ultimately destroy us. This is especially true when it comes to money. If we don’t live in the land of truth the pursuit of money will work against us.
So, what are some of the money lies we tell ourselves? What about I need to build my credit score? Or It’s ok to borrow from my retirement plan I’m paying myself back. I’ll pay back my emergency fund. What about some of the lies beneath the surface that feed these more surface lies? Like, I’ll never be able to pay in full or I know others have done it, but I can’t. What about I’ll never be able to come clean and be honest with my spouse. Having money or being in a better financial place isn’t in the cards for me, I’ve failed and made too many bad choices.
If these or others sound familiar, I’m here to tell you that it’s all bull shit! They are lies designed to keep you stuck right where you are. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are worth it and you can do it. It’s simple, but difficult. It’s not hard to understand, but it may suck.
A few things to consider.
Money is Amoral, it doesn’t have feelings. Money is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant. it only reflects the actions of its owner. How we manage is a direct reflection of who we are as individuals and if you haven’t examined this concept in your life, it’s time to do so. Some folks use money to manipulate or control others, Others hoard it, become selfish and driven by material wealth. While others use money to provide for the family, become generous, you can build a home for orphans, or help victims of wildfires. You see, it’s not complicated. Money does not have feelings. So, be honest about your financial situation.
Where we are financially today didn’t just happen overnight….it took a while, maybe even a lifetime to get where we are. So, for us to expect a quick fix and microwave recipe is unrealistic and naïve. Therefore, we need to allow ourselves a little time. In most cases, financial transformation doesn’t happen immediately it’s a process over time. Its more like a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

Here’s a simple formula.
1. ID the lies you are believing (be honest, come clean) and refute them with a corresponding truth.
2. Recognize the good choices you have made. Write them down and revisit them often.
3. Chart your course. Decide today, decide tomorrow and every day after, what course you will follow. It’s your decision, continue to make it.
4. Implement.