Life & Debt – Just Ignore it

Money is one of those things that we all have. Somehow, it sort of just shows up and for better or worse its there, probably always will be. Some have more, some have less, but we all have some.

Money is neither good nor bad. It give us choices, but not the wisdom to make good ones. It gives us options, but not the character to choose good ones. Money can be a huge blessing and also a terrible curse.
With nearly 80% of our population living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet and consumed with stress and worry, it seems as if we’ve just decided to ignore the impact that debt is having on our lives.

Is it possible? Is it even possible to live free of debt?

Millions of Americans have chosen to turn away from leveraging their futures to a lifestyle of freedom and control. It is possible to realize less stress, worry and fear surrounding money issues, but it’s not easy.

4 Points to Consider
#1 – Save Money – I know, everyone says that. But do you know why everyone says that? Because it’s true. The thing that makes saving money difficult that it requires intentionality. We spend money based on how we feel in the moment. Why not turn that into your favor? Get more emotional about your savings. Keep in mind we need 3 pockets to save for. 1) The Emergency, 2) Upcoming Purchases, 3) Building Wealth Long Term.

#2 – A Limited Lifestyle – I don’t know of a single person whose means is greater than their wants. We all want more than we can provide. I think it’s part of our nature. It is certainly part of our culture! The idea here is to live on less than you make so there will be enough for some of the things you want.

#3 – Don’t Ignore the Debt – The debt you carry is slowing eroding your financial stability. Paying more for something just because you want something now is asinine. Debt robs you of your ability to save. It will in turn give you sleepless nights, more stress, more worry and more fear. Rather than ignoring it’s impact on your family, face it head on and attack it until you have eradicated it from your life.

#4 – Have a Plan – It doesn’t matter if its written in pencil, on a spreadsheet, an app or some sort of hybrid. Have a plan, do it intentionally. Budgets are one of the simplest ways to manage money effectively, yet one of the most underrated and overlooked tools. Why is this so? It’s because old habits die hard. A budget when executed correctly, doesn’t’ make room for impulse spending.

Learn to implement these strategies and you will begin to experience peace, and a sense of accomplishment. There are no quick fixes just focused intensity over time.

Set targets, be consistent, and give someone permission to hold you accountable to behavior change.
Best of Luck!