Have you ever felt like you were finally getting traction in meeting your money goals? Really starting to get somewhere only to be blindsided? Hit with something out of the blue, something totally unexpected? Maybe it was due to under budgeting, or maybe it was over estimating your income. Maybe an emergency occurred before you could build it up from the last emergency. Sound familiar?

It has happened!, is happening! or will happen! to each and every one of us.

So, what can we do? What’s the answer? There must be a formula.
Please just tell me what to do and ….. I WILL DO IT !!

Ok! You asked for it, here it is, 4 steps to moving past financial frustration.

1) Realize that sometimes there are no formulas or answers. In this case re-visit your goals.
2) Make a choice!
a.Just quit or
b.Keep moving! Move toward your financial goals.
3) Prioritize the Money! Needs First, Wants last.
4) Find a little faith! Get Up and Move Forward!