How to Save/Make Money

If the unexpected bills are leaving you with less money in your bank account or if overspending has gone too far, or for whatever the reason, you can benefit from trying out the following tips on how to save and earn extra cash.  These are tried and true ways that will pad your account with more money and give you a better handle on your finances.

  1. Sell things you don’t use or need.  You have stuff you can sell, so sell it.
  2. Cut services you pay for – lawn mowing, dry cleaning, maid service, carpet cleaning, etc., by doing them yourself.  If you lack the time to do them, reduce how much you spend on these services.
  3. Exercise at home; don’t pay gym memberships.     
  4. Become a family barber.  By cutting each other’s hair or your own, you can save a lot in the long run.  YouTube is a good resource for learning how to do this.
  5. If you get a tax refund, increase your exemptions.
  6. Cut cable.  Get a digital antenna, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.  Or, skip having one of those plans and just rent movies for free from the local library. 
  7. Plan out all your meals; don’t eat out as much.
  8. Eat Thanksgiving dinner more often.  It’s a pretty cheap meal to prepare and you can do a lot with the leftovers.
  9. Pay with cash—you will actually spend less.   
  10. If you have a storage unit, sell the stuff.  Then you won’t need a place to keep it.
  11. Shop for insurances. Find affordable coverage that meets your needs and your family’s needs.
  12. Go as long as you can by eating just what’s in the fridge and the cupboard.
  13. Make coffee/tea at home. Avoid Starbucks.  Put your home brew in a Starbucks cup if you have to.
  14. Take your lunch to work.  Packing your own meal will save you a decent amount of money in a few months if you eat out daily for lunch.
  15. Entertain yourselves at home.  It’s free.  Build a campfire in the backyard and roast marshmallows. Play games.  There are many ideas for entertainment out there to explore.
  16. Save all your loose change and deposit it once a month.  
  17. Call utility companies and ask about their peak hours.  Do laundry, dishes, etc. on off-peak hours; it’s cheaper.
  18. Turn the heat down in the cooler months and the air conditioning up in the hotter months when no one is at home.
  19. Cut down your water bill. Take shorter showers and make sure you are not letting the water run unnecessarily while brushing teeth or washing dishes.
  20. Find some jobs for extra cash: housesit for someone, babysit, do pet-sitting, or walk dogs.

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Article written by Ross McCutcheon and Beth Bohman