The Top Six Money Mistakes, Part 1


By Ross McCutcheon and Beth Bohman

We all make mistakes, and often the financial ones really get our attention.  We can learn a lot from other people’s financial failures, and that can keep us from falling into those patterns of behavior.  As the longest-tenured Dave Ramsey coach in the U.S. with over eighteen years of coaching experience, I have observed these top six mistakes that clients have made.

1) Using their emergency fund for non-emergency expenses

2) Failing to include non-monthly expenses in their budgets

3) Failing to keep accurate bank account records

4) Losing sight of their financial goals

5) Slipping back into old patterns and spending behaviors

6) Justifying their unwise decisions

These will be explained in the next few articles on the blog.  Come back soon for a detailed look at the first two mistakes.

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